microSD 770 Explorer

v0.6.0 (2007-10-30)


microSD 770 Explorer is a tool written to make it possible to read/write files directly from/to Samsung 770 * microSD card using SD card adapter.

* Samsung 770 = SCH-A930 firmware version ZG11/AA30/AE07


* possible only after making Key File.

Extra Tools:


Installation v0.6.0 (2.80MB)
Compiled EXEs only v0.6.0 (300KB)
Hebrew Help File for v0.5.3 (70KB)
Hebrew Help File for SDFormmater & P-Format (200KB)

* requires Windows 2k / XP / Vista *


Thanks to Roni Forte (DesertEagle) for finding a solution to make the microSD 770 Explorer run under Windows Vista.